Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly digest #3

Safely Test a JavaScript Change Without Touching the Server–A Huge Time Sever,  Ed Hintz:The fastest bug fixes are the ones you can make and test right on the spot.  However, many times access to the web server in order to update JavaScript files is not possible, convenient, or is potentially dangerous (affects all users if your fix fails miserably).

Using controllers from an external assembly in ASP.NET Web API,  Filip W.: In general, in my day-to-day job, I am working with large enterprise web applications, where clean projects, noise reduction and test driven development are holy. Therefore I have always been a big fan of placing MVC controllers outside the actual web application project, in a separate class library (or libraries).

ASP.NET Web API vs. ASP.NET MVC “APIs”, Dave Ward: I’ve been receiving lots of emails asking my opinion about ASP.NET Web API lately. One of the most recent messages boiled them all down pretty well in its subject line:
ASP.NET Web API – Why is it so cool?

Single Page App Using Knockout and ASP.NET, Bangla Gopal Surya: In this article, I will discuss how to create a sample single page application using Knockout and ASP.NET. This app shows a list of users based on types like Users, Admin Users, Super Admin Users, and shows user details upon selection of a user.

Understanding a Simple Async Program, Alan Berman: The Async feature in Visual Studio 2012 RC makes it easy to invoke asynchronous methods. If you mark a method with or async modifier, you can use the await operator in the method. When control reaches an await expression in the async method, control returns to the caller, and progress in the method is suspended until the awaited task completes. When the task is complete, execution can resume in the method.

NaN and typeof, Kiro Risk: First, NaN is not a keyword (unlike true, false, null, etc..), it is a property of the global object. The value of NaN is the same as the value of Number.NaN.

Tips on Web Developing and Designing, AJ Banda: For three years, I have done a lot of web site application and most of them are corporate sites. So I thought of sharing some of the things I have learned from my work. Let's start by differentiating the term web designer and web developer. It should be clear that this two jobs are related to each other but not similar.

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