Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get all the Primary Keys of a table in SQL Server

Following SQL query can be used to list all the primary keys of a table. In this given example, we assume that table name is ‘Employee’.

SELECT SysColumns.Name
FROM SysIndexes SysIndexes
JOIN SysObjects SysObjects ON SysIndexes.Id = SysObjects.Id
JOIN SysObjects PrimaryKey ON SysIndexes.Name = PrimaryKey.Name
AND PrimaryKey.Parent_Obj = SysIndexes.Id
AND PrimaryKey.Xtype = 'PK'
JOIN SysIndexKeys SysIndexKeys on SysIndexes.Id = SysIndexKeys.Id
AND SysIndexes.IndId = SysIndexKeys.IndId
JOIN SysColumns SysColumns ON SysIndexKeys.Id = SysColumns.Id
AND SysIndexKeys.ColId = SysColumns.ColId
WHERE = 'Employee'
ORDER BY SysIndexKeys.keyno

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